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Eco-Sathi Nepal, the name translates as Eco-friendly Nepal.  We were built on a strong belief that we as an organization have the power to create a more sustainable and harmonious Nepal. We know that awareness about environment and climate change is very important . But, without the affordable and earth friendly alternatives people cannot make conscious choices.

Eco-Sathi Nepal is a lifestyle brand which mainly focuses on offering Eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products. We want to inspire and encourage people to make conscious and sustainable choices. We want to make people realize the power they have as a customer to make a difference in the world that they live in.

From our social media pages , we want to encourage and educate on how to live more consciously. Even a small act of sustainable choice goes a long way when it comes to protecting the mother Earth.

We live in  beautiful country  Nepal and its full of nature , so giving back to the country that gave so much more back to us is our another motivation. Some portion of our income will always be donated to the organization working towards saving the environment. We believe in the strong power of collaboration with Nepalese brands and business to join hands for fulfilling the mission of having cleaner, plastic free and greener Nepal.


We Eco-sathi invite everyone, whether you are new to this conscious community or already  living a sustainable lifestyle to come together with you valuable suggestions, ideas and comments . This will guide us further to achieve our mission. Lets go zero waste Nepal.



Our MISSION                                      Our Commitment

Our mission is to create                

a more harmonious and

sustainable world by

offering earth-friendly

alternatives to every day

products and by inspiring

the world around us to

live more consciously.

We want to make the

sustainable products

more easily accessible

to everyone in Nepal  .                                                     



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