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5 Reasons why my Mom is more Eco-friendly than Me

You already know by the title that, my mom is very conscious in the way she is living. She easily waits to purchase or try to do some Jugad for the stuffs she needs. She clearly is more creative than i am . I didn't realized this until one day i came home and i sat on our chair which was really wobbly and couldn't handle any person other than my kid sisters(haha). It took me sometime to understand that the chair was holding me perfectly comfortable there, i was. I asked her, what she did? She told me that she called a Dai who works in a metal workshop to repair the chair with one more rod on the base of the chair to make it stable and stronger. I was shocked, surprised and proud for how smart she was. I mean if it was me , i would literally use it until i can and i would buy another one and may be throw it away. I am uploading picture of the chair here :)

Today i am going to talk about how my mom is more Eco-friendly than i am. There are thousands of reasons shes better than me but here is summing up to major 5 points:

1) Growing her own food :

Growing all the food from scratch is not easy and not everyone has the time, energy and dedication to do it. While i struggle to have that green thumb ,my mom tries everyday to grow her own food in our garden. Not only she grows , she sends her veggies to all her relatives as well. So that they can eat something organic. She is so proud of her harvest every time and we are so excited to eat the healthy food always.

Here is a picture of how she grew onions in our garden and now keeping her home grown garlic pods to dry for the future use.

2) Upcycling queen and back to basic :

I was in awe when she showed me our dogs new house that she made from our old TV Cabinet. First of all, i totally had forgotten about the TV Cabinet we had , and when She showed me that the dog house was made with the ply woods of the old furniture , my jaw dropped. We do not have a dog anymore but our dog loved it here .

Our modern home with basic facilities includes an Ageno a fireplace at our home. We use it sometimes to have a small chat while drinking tea from the fire place and sometimes boil water too. Here is a picture of her beautiful Chulo :)

3)Low waste home:

Once i broke a glass tea cup at home. The next time i was visiting she literally crushes all the glass pieces and made a safe wall around our home. The surroundings had cemented glass pieces for safety . Brilliant isn't it ? This was the glass pieces that i broke and she used the glass pieces, this way we had no glass waste . Also she composts everything from kitchen waste and minimizes the usages of plastics.

4)Lesser use of plastic utensils:

You know how in old days our families had metal jars to store our food and spices. Yes, this is the way my mom does it at home. Of course, she had liked the plastic containers in shops and how pretty they looked and bought few out of greed , she had tried to continue storing all the foods in the metals containers. She used very high quality cutlery sets and good China utensils too so that she doesn't have to buy new ones all the time .This has probably saved her tons of money and time . As for us , we had attachments with the kitchen items itself because we have been using and seeing them since we were kids.

5)Re-using and Re-purposing :

Re-using and Re-purposing every single item is in my moms blood haha. Using our t-shirts to go outing, and later wearing it as home clothes and even after that tearing it to making house cleaning clothes, she has used all the clothes to the fullest. She uses everything to their maximum potential , until we couldn't absolutely use them. Here is an example of reused and repurposed plastic buckets and plastic bottles to grow herbs for our daily use.

Thank you for reading today's web post. My mother is like every other Nepali Mother and i hope that you could relate to this post in lot of ways. If in any case your family member is not Eco friendly , please try to encourage them with your example. be kind to them and their journey too. Like i always say , we all are in different phases of life, so please be patient and be kind on what others has to offer and their learning experiences in their lives. If you like this post please share it and do not forget to show the picture and narrate the article to your mom or just share it with her :)

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