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5 Reasons why its Easier to be Eco-friendly in Nepal

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Being born and brought up in Nepal and living in two other countries for significant amount of time period made me realize, how Nepalese have access to all the environmentally friendly alternatives. Its pretty easy to live in Nepal as a person who wants to live a zero waste life. In Nepal people love to live a slow life and most of the environmental problems arises from the fast lifestyle of people living in the country. The convenience of pet bottles, single use plastic bags, take out coffee,and the popularity of fast fashion has consumed the world. But, we prefer to sit and drink out teas and coffees, we go buy vegetables from vegetable market which is always package free, we carry our own bottles of water, we buy our grains from a bulk store, we reuse every small house hold items unless its no longer use able. These are few of the reasons why its easier to live and eco friendly life in Nepal. :

1) Easy access to bulk buy :

In Nepal we still have the concept of buying our grains from a bulk store. They are available without packaging and we can buy it according to the requirement. if we take our own bangs to these places we do not need the excessive packaging that the convenience store or a bigger super market offer. This reduces the use of plastic packaging greatly.

2) Naked Fruits and vegetables from local vegetable vendors:

In Nepal we prefer to buy fruits an vegetables from local vendors. Of course, the super markets sell them in packaging but we still prefer to buy it fresh. We can actually see, feel and check the fruits and vegetables before buying. Weighing and buying is the most popular concept of purchasing in Nepal. This prevents from excessive plastic packaging and also customers have a better understanding of what they are actually buying.

3) Concept of sitting down for coffee/tea:

Conversation and coffee goes really well. Especially now when we have an options for high end coffee shops to small warm tea stalls all over the streets. Take out coffees and teas are not very popular. Also take out lunches and dinners are also very new. This has significantly reduced the use of plastic coffee cups and unnecessary use of single use plastic food containers.

4) Repair is the culture:

I have always, almost every time mend my clothes, shoes or bags. We can find these amazing people(cobblers, tailors, mechanics) to repair our clothes, shoes, furniture or household items everywhere in Nepal. The service is not expensive and they make our things as good as new. This reduces constant need of stuffs and reduces excessive waste.

5) Variety of Vegetarian and Vegan food options:

In Nepal vegetarian food is very common. we can find delicious vegetarian options in every household or restaurants.

Even-though the concept of vegan is pretty new here in Nepal we do have many alternatives these days to try and pretty much every dishes in Nepal has an option to be vegan.

Overall, we do have alternatives to choose from . It depends on our own conscious effort everyday to live the kind of life that we wanted. Do we choose to be saving the environment around us or we just choose to be the victim of convenience?

Do you think its easier to be Eco friendly? do you disagree? Please let us know :)

image sources : unsplash

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