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Choosing Experiences over Things

My clothes, my jewelry, my shoes, my THINGS!! Once I got them home, i used to be satisfied like as if a piece of furniture or a bandanna made me a Complete person. I do NOT know why it gave me such a pleasure. When sad, I shopped, when moody shop, when happy shop, when succeeded i shopped. I shopped for occasions and also shopped to impress my people. This consumed me so much that one day I became restless and anxious because of them. I couldn't have a clarity in my thoughts and started to be so gloomy. Until, one day i finally decided to Marie Kondo (eliminate) all my stuffs. Almost 90 percent of my stuffs didn't "spark Joy" to me. I realized that if i had spent all of the money in Experiences rather than Things, my life would've been more Wholesome. Only when i actually started gaining experiences, met new people and did lots of adventures, i became more grounded and complete as a person. So, here are five non materialistic things that you can actually pursue rather than collecting stuffs:

Take up a new hobby:

We are changing everyday . Our hobbies changes too and they create great enthusiasm in us. They help us to get excited and keeps us motivated. I took up coloring as a hobby to relax my mind and honesty, i used to be so excited to make my black and white picture books all colorful. The next time i also took up gardening and guess what i now sell plants!! You can take up sports, painting or pottery. Engage in your favorite hobby and divert your mind from the mundane everyday thoughts.

Join a community to help you grow professionally :

As old school as it may sound, joining a community of your interest will help you grow a lot more. This will help you to meet new people who are like minded. You can grow with them from their experiences, while some might share their mistakes. Exchanging ideas, and motivating to generate new thoughts is only possible when you meet your kind of people.

Self care:

We now see the term "Self-care" everywhere but do we actually take care of ourselves? We are constantly trying to impress other people. This doesn't mean that you have to be rude but taking some time out for yourself will heal you and understand other people with more compassion. Self care is having a quiet reading time for yourself, to snuggle and watch your favorite show or to treat yourself with a healthy diet. Experience a slow living lifestyle sometimes. This will relax you and recharge you. If you need a good spa, go get it for yourself. Just take care that the self care routine doesn't make a whole in your pocket. As a self-care you can practice mindfulness yoga, meet your friends and family, compliment someone, rest well, hydrate laugh more and worry less.

Experience a mental well being sessions:

Just recently I took up Art of Living meditation classes. The classes not only helped me to be mentally fit, I also met new people. I have a new circle of friends who were from different backgrounds, culture and ages. I challenged myself for a 90 days meditation challenge. Now I am on my 72nd day today. As much as the physical well being matters, being mentally stable and fit is also very important and the classes are inexpensive too. What more could you ask for.

Adventures and travelling:

"As food feeds your body, adventures fill your soul"

The adrenaline of travelling and adventure always gives us new meaning of our lives. We are not the same person after an adventure or travelling to a new place. We change our perceptive according to place we went and the people we met there. I started my Eco Friendly journey after I came back from a beautiful country "Taiwan", inspired by our friends we met there. I was a person who was afraid of heights until I did Paragliding in Pokhara.

Images from : @Unsplash

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